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This page lists educational material that can be used to support (self) training of gaze interaction. Some material is located on the COGAIN website, some are links to useful material available elsewhere on web.

See also: Tutorials and courses offered by members of COGAIN

Online Lectures, Course Materials, Slides

  • Eye Control Hints and Tips
    A multimedia training resource on eye control assessment and take-up. Includes slides with (spoken and written) notes.
    Eye Control Hints and Tips
  • PhD Course on Eye-Computer Interaction: Eye Performance and Interface Design
    Lectures available as online videos, includes slides and other supporting material.
    Event Camp 2006 - PhD Course
  • COGAIN 2006 Conference Presentations
    Some of the talks given at the COGAIN 2006 conference are available online
    COGAIN2006 Videos
  • COGAIN 2007 Conference Presentations
    Some of the talks given at the COGAIN 2007 conference are available online
    COGAIN2007 Videos
  • Eye-Based Interaction in Graphical Systems: Theory & Practice.
    A SIGGRAPH 2000 Course by A. Duchowski & R. Vertegaal. Slides and supplemental materials available online.

Online Videos Related to Gaze Interaction

  • COGAIN Videos
    Video introductions to Dasher, I4Control, GazeTalk, MyTobii, Eye Music and gaze controlled gaming
  • Communication by gaze interaction with computers
    A video of the talk given by John Paulin Hansen at the Nordic ALS/MND conference 2007.
  • Gaze Interaction for People with ALS/MND
    Demonstration of gaze communication at the ALS/MND symposium 2006 by John Paulin Hansen
  • ALS Communication
    Video clips demonstrating different communication aid technologies, including gaze controlled systems

Self-Training Materials on Specific Topics

Readings, Research Papers, Books

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